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Chronic fatigue is a condition associated with physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that occurs as a result of excessive and long-term stress.
Chronic fatigue is responsible for reduced productivity and loss of energy.

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In our age when intense and stressful rhythms of life create stress and exhaustion, it is very important to have the opportunity to relax to feel better and regain control as well as mental clarity, emotional discharge and physical well-being.
Karam Crete Spa utilizes the special relaxing properties of the Dead Sea salts and implements a complete set of protocols aimed at relieving chronic fatigue and stress.

Dead Sea Mask

A therapeutic body mask for relaxation and dermatological treatment.

Classic Relax Massage

A full body medium intensity Swedish body massage. Relax and relieve tension with the massage’s unique results.

Back & Neck massage

Relax the back and neck muscles while reducing the stress and fatigue of daily life.

Relaxing Sleep Massage for a relaxed sleep

A relaxing massage with warm almond oil, chamomile and lavender essential oil. Ideal for those with sleeping problems.

Hot Stone Massage

A massage with warm volcanic stones for deep muscle relaxation. Holistic treatment with a special technique to calm and relieve stress.

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage with essential oils, rich in minerals from the Dead Sea, ideal for seducing the senses. Relax with Oriental Aromas.

Indian Massage

A massage that relaxes, reduces stress and relieves headaches. Gives benefits to the body and mind.


Reflexology is a holistic alternative practice according to which every part of the human organism has its reflex on the soles, palms in the ears and in arrays of the body. The trained reflexologist through special pressures and manipulations aims at relaxation and balancing and improving the functions of the body.

Combination of Mud Therapy and Bath

Two ancient techniques adapted to today. A warm bath in combination with the miraculous Mud with Herbs and essential oils. Natural Rejuvenation and detoxification beyond all expectations.

  • Rivage Skin Correcting Serum

  • Rivage Intensive Neck Care Cream

  • Night Cream with Avocado Oil

  • Rivage Eye Wrinkle Gel

  • Facial Nourishing Fruit Cocktail Mask

  • Rivage Facial Exfoliant Cream

  • Day Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin

  • Day Cream for Oily Skin – Vitamin E

  • Rivage Facial Mud Mask

  • Nourishing Facial Mud Mask with Honey

  • Eye Contour Gel

  • Rivage Wrinkle Correction Moisturizing Cream

  • Rivage Replenishing Anti Age Cream

  • Rivage Facial Moisturizing Cream

  • Night Cream with Jojoba Oil

  • Mineral Cleanser

  • Rivage Facial Wash Refreshner Gel