Rivage Hydra-Premium Body Moisturizer


150 ml

Ultra-smoothing, Nourishing, and long-lasting moisture.

Skin Type: Dry/Normal


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Product details

Rivage Hydra Premium Body Moisturizer Cream is a unique blend of the great moisturizer Glycerin combined with the most effective natural botanicals Avocado, Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oils while Proteins, Amino acids and essential matrix of vitamins A, E, D, and F along with the Natural Dead Sea Minerals are added to promote cell regeneration and provide the skin with ultimate softening effect. Leaves your body radiant, smooth with a superb healthy look and hydrated complexion.

How to Use

Clean your body perfectly using RivageShower Gel. Apply enough amount of RivageBody Moisturizer with a circular gentle massage motion.

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