Night Cream with Jojoba Oil


Jar: 50ml

Renews your skin naturally and instantly restores moisture.

Skin Type: Dry Skin

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Product details: This luxurious Night Cream combines the moisturizing benefits of jojoba and paraffin oil, with Dead Sea minerals that quickly penetrate the skin and eliminate dryness. An exclusive blend of active natural extracts including jojoba, stops myriad skin problems and protects the skin against premature aging caused by exposure to ultra violet radiation. The Allantoin ingredient speeds up cell regeneration and has a keratolytic (skin-softening) effect.
How to Use: Following cleansing, gently massage cream into face and neck until completely absorbed by the skin, carefully avoiding contact with the eye area. Rivage Night Cream with Jojoba oil is intended for, but not limited to, evening use and dry skin.

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