At Karam Crete Spa we treat Anti-Aging in the broadest sense. So with the term Anti-Aging, we do not only mean the reduction of the marks that time leaves on the skin but mainly the delay of the ageing of the cells of the whole organism in general through the activation of all the defence mechanisms.

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The results of numerous independent studies from around the world demonstrate the unique benefits of Dead Sea minerals in Anti-Aging, through the activation of natural mechanisms to repair cell damage, the production of elastin and collagen, the regulation and regulation of free radicals. The Dead Sea Mud contains 23 minerals, 12 of which do not exist in any other sea in the world.

It has been shown by many research publications that skin cells can change their metabolism and enzyme activity when exposed to high concentrations of minerals such as K + 1, Mg + 2 and Ca + 2 ions. In addition, the Dead Sea mud hosts a species of microalgae called Dunaliella salina, a rich source of beta-carotene and a powerful anti-ageing agent.

At Karam Crete Spa we make the most of the healing power of the Dead Sea through specialized and very effective protocols. In addition, we apply modern techniques, such as Mesotherapy.

Regeneration with Organic Mud Mask and Antioxidant Action of Natural Vitamins

Balancing moisture levels and restoring the firmness of the face while giving it the flexibility and soft texture that deserves.


Give your skin strength and hydration with Dead Sea Minerals in combination with Oxygen and Vitamin Complex.

Anti-aging – Activation of Cell Regeneration

Give your skin an unusually youthful look with the unique properties of herbs and vitamins combined harmoniously with the minerals of the Dead Sea.

Karam Crete Care: Face & Neck Care Rejuvenating

Face & Neck massage treatment followed by a rich in minerals Dead Sea mud mask.

Antiaging & Revitalizing Treatment

Body scrub with crystals from the Dead Sea accompanied by a refreshing and nourishing Mud Mask for a sense of well-being.

Karam Crete Beyond Care

A complete treatment that combines exfoliation, nourishment and deep hydration, with Dead Sea
minerals. A body mask with Mediterranean herbs
followed by a massage with a refreshing aromatic body cream.

CLEOPATRA’s – Hair Face & Body

All the mystery of the East in a premium treatment. The therapeutic masks for hair, face and body combined with honey and Greek herbs come to release their benefits by encountering the aromatic oils of the East.