What we call in English Balneotherapy includes the treatment of a number of diseases and pathological conditions through baths mainly with water rich in minerals, such as those of the Dead Sea. It is a clinically proven, effective complementary approach to the treatment of pathologies related to inflammation and anxiety. The biological mechanisms by which immersion in mineral water and the application of mud relieves the symptoms of various pathologies, have been observed and confirmed by various studies.

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Immune responses to Balneotherapy lead to anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, and anabolic effects, while the presence of bromides in Dead Sea mineral water relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain and stress.
In general, spa therapy contributes significantly to the production of β-endorphin, which creates a feeling of calm and bliss and neutralizes the high levels of adrenaline that is responsible for stress.

At Karam Crete Spa we bring the benefits of bath therapy from the Dead Sea. Here we do exactly what Spa Salute Per Aqua means – Health through Water. Dead Sea salts enriched with Lemon Grass and eucalyptus, dissolved in water of suitable temperature in a whirlpool, release all their rejuvenating and healing power and give you the ultimate Spa experience.

Traditional Eastern Bath

Travel back in time and enjoy the rituals of the Bath. Choose the black Mud soap or the green soap enriched with the minerals of the Dead Sea.

Traditional Byzantine Bath with Exfoliation

Indulge in the relaxing effect of the steam and enjoy the refreshing foam massage all over the body and the exfoliation with the glove.

Combination of Mud Therapy and Bath

Two ancient techniques adapted to today. A warm bath in combination with the
miraculous Mud with Herbs and essential
oils. Natural Rejuvenation and detoxification beyond all expectations.