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At Karam Crete Spa we utilize the detoxifying action of specific minerals of the Dead Sea such as manganese, copper and calcium.  these ingrediends fight free radicals that are responsible for oxidative stress. In addition, through our Mud Therapies we achieve amazing results in the elimination of pollutants and toxins from the skin through the osmotic action. In addition, we apply specialized techniques such as lymphatic massage and reflexology that activate the elimination of toxins from the body in a natural way.

Toning and Shine with the Power of AHA Skin Glow Gel

A unique experience of hydration and radiance with a revitalizing facial massage. Enjoy your skin unusually youthful and radiant.

Regeneration with Organic Mud Mask and Antioxidant Action of Natural Vitamins

Balancing moisture levels and restoring the firmness of the face while giving it the flexibility and soft texture that deserves.

Dettox Face Care

Lymphatic facial massage to stimulate microcirculation and removing edema under the eyes. Followed by a detoxifying Dead Sea mud mask.

Dead Sea Body Mud Mask with Herbs & Olive Oil

A whole body treatment that nourishes the skin and soothes muscular pain.

Dead Sea Body Mud Mask with Back Massage

Relives neck and waist pain with the help of the therapeutic ingredients that have been distilled through the ages in the Dead Sea mud with the subtle interaction of water, sun and soil.

Traditional Byzantine Massage

A strong Massage with the use of suction cups. For those looking for strong muscle stimulation.

Cretan Massage

A traditional medium intensity massage with olive oil and orange blossoms. A journey of senses through Crete’s nature.

Detox Massage

A light detoxifying lymphatic massage with lemon essential oils. It eliminates edema and toxins by giving your body a sense of lightness.

Cellulite Massage

A powerful stimulating massage with spice oil in combination with suction cups. It stimulates microcirculation and tones the body.

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage with essential oils, rich in minerals from the Dead Sea, ideal for seducing the senses. Relax with Oriental Aromas.


Reflexology is a holistic alternative practice according to which every part of the human organism has its reflex on the soles, palms in the ears and in arrays of the body . The trained reflexologist through special pressures and manipulations aims at relaxation and balancing and improving the functions of the body.

Combination of Mud Therapy and Bath

Two ancient techniques adapted to today. Warm bath in combination with the miraculous Mud with Herbs and essential oils. Natural Rejuvenation and detoxification beyond all expectations.