The holistic approach to massage and alternative therapies, in general, has deep roots in the centuries. Its benefits are not only physical but it has a beneficial effect on the balance of Body, Mind and Soul.

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As a result, a holistic massage helps to increase energy, mental clarity, concentration, relieve stress and muscle pain, improve skin elasticity, strengthen the immune system, increase self-esteem and improve quality of sleep.

At Karam Crete Spa we create personalized holistic programs, according to your needs.

Hot Stone Massage

A massage with warm volcanic stones for deep muscle relaxation. Holistic treatment with a special technique to calm and relieve stress.

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage with essential oils, rich in minerals from the Dead Sea, ideal for seducing the senses. Relax with Oriental Aromas.

Indian Massage

A massage that relaxes, reduces stress and relieves headaches. Gives benefits to the body and mind.

Massage with pouches

Feel the healing power of the herbs of Greek nature wrapped in a feeling of warmth and absolute relaxation.


Reflexology is a holistic alternative practice according to which every part of the human organism has its reflex on the soles, palms in the ears and in arrays of the body. The trained reflexologist through special pressures and manipulations aims at relaxation and balancing and improving the functions of the body.